3 Tricks to Help You Stand Out at Your Next Job Interview

For many job searchers, the immediate goal is not to mess up the interview. And true enough, most job searchers are focused on what not to do, what not to say and how not to act. But employment agencies know that besides avoiding interview no-nos, it’s just as important not to be forgettable. If the hiring manager forgets you, you might as well not have applied for the job in the first place.

If you want the interviewer to remember your name, you need to come off as an expert in your industry and someone who’s willing to work in a team, and maybe even lead one someday. In this guide, we go over a few tricks to set yourself apart in your next interview and improve your chances of getting the position.

1. Prepare Stories to Prove Your Competency

 Questions about core skills and competencies are becoming a standard in many job interviews, so be sure to prepare at least two stories to demonstrate your previous performance. These stories will allow the interviewer to learn about your experiences from your own words. More importantly, it allows the interviewer to gauge your future success in the role and company.

Be sure to quantify your previous achievements. Use numbers and figures to demonstrate how your performance impacted your previous employer (e.g., My team and I succeeded in generating an increase in leads by 50 percent compared to the same period last year).

2. Be Self-Aware When Asked to Explain Your Weaknesses

“What are your weaknesses?” This can be a loaded question, so it helps to think about what the interviewer wants from your answer. Hiring managers don’t really want to know your previous blunders and weak points. They do, however, want to know how self­-aware you are and whether you’re willing to continue learning and growing.

So, yes, you can point out your weaknesses, but you also want to prepare a strategy for how you plan on overcoming them.

3. Highlight Your Experience in Working With a Team

 One way of setting yourself apart is by highlighting any experience you might have with working as part of a team, or better yet, leading one. Hiring managers are always looking out for team players, and as their organizations continue to grow, there will always be a need for teams and staff members to grow in size and number. As such, team players will always be a necessity.

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