4 Tricks to Jumpstart Your Salesforce Career

If there is one trend in software technology that tells us where the industry is going, it’s the growth of cloud computing and cloud solutions. For this reason, forging a career in the cloud could be one of the best career decisions you can make as a developer today.

For most people, moving into Salesforce is the most sensible, not to mention lucrative, way to develop skills and a career in the cloud. With the number of businesses and organizations using Salesforce, it makes sense to learn how to use Salesforce solutions and its important support applications.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, as there are thousands of developers and programmers out there doing the same thing. Here are four tips to stand out from the pack and jumpstart your career in Salesforce.

Work With a Staffing Company in the Salesforce Industry

A relationship with a staffing company in the Salesforce industry can help you find the job you want. Although most people tend to look at staffing agencies as a quick ticket to getting a job, having contacts with reliable agencies can be a huge help even when you’re not looking for work. For starters, it puts your name ‘out there’ and helps you stay updated with the latest Salesforce news and trends.

Be Active in the Salesforce Community

One of the main factors behind Salesforce’s success is its strong and diverse community with literally thousands of professionals ready to help and guide each other. The Salesforce Success Community allows you to “Engage with and get answers from a passionate community of customers, partners and Salesforce experts,” and tells you everything you need to know to get started.

Your goal is to develop good standing in the community and perhaps even find a mentor. With Salesforce, you can never go wrong networking as often as you can.

Sign up for a Free Trailhead Account

Salesforce’s Trailhead program has everything you need to learn the basics of Salesforce without having to pay a single dollar. Trailhead offers modules that let you develop a variety of Salesforce skills, allowing you to study and learn at your own pace.

Of course, software modules aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but Trailhead stands out thanks to its hands-on training exercises. You can earn badges (shareable on social media of course) which you can then include in your resume to prove your expertise.

Volunteer and Get Your Hands Dirty

 Volunteering may be the most important thing you can do to gain knowledge and stand out. For starters, volunteering gives you real-world experience in a Salesforce organization, which potential employers will look for when looking at your resume.

Several nonprofits around the world do not have the resources to hire developers to maintain their Salesforce projects, which is where you can come in.

Besides looking good on your resume, volunteering also shows potential employers you care about the greater good.

Are you looking for a new SaleForce Career?

For more tips and tricks on Salesforce, be sure to follow this blog. If you need help looking for jobs in the tech and IT industry, let The Crevalle Group connect you with our wide network of local employers to expedite your job search.


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