5 Reasons to Maintain Relationships with Recruiters… Even After Being Hired

  • Recruiters are often seen as something of a one-time investment—you only need one when you’re looking for a job.
  • If you like to work as a consultant but dislike the jobs search, working with a recruiter can reduce the stress of finding a job every few months.
  • Recruiters can also clue you in on the jobs landscape of your industry, giving you insider tips before your competition knows what’s going on

For many job searchers, the only time they need to work with a tech or IT recruiter is when they’re looking for a job. This is usually during the one or two phone interviews they go through before finally getting the go signal to meet with the hiring manager of some company they’re to applying at.

But recruiters offer several benefits that go beyond the initial job search process, giving you enough reason to at least stay in touch with them from time to time. In this post, we look at some reasons to continue your relationship with corporate recruiters.

1) Recruiters Can Move Between Agencies

If you’re looking to keep your ears to the ground for any worthwhile job opportunities—even if you already have a job—a recruiter can help you do just that. And for recruiters moving between employment agencies, they’ll be eager to put you in their database of qualified candidates—it’s all part of their job.

Think of it as getting priority status, which goes a long way toward standing out in a sea of CVs.

2) Recruiters Expand Your Professional Network

Recruiters are all about networking, not just with potential employers, but also with other recruiters who have their own network of employers. Staying in touch with a few recruiters gives you the inside scoop on open positions, employment trends, and internal hiring activities you could potentially get into.

3) Recruiters are (Usually) Happy to Accept Your Referrals

Another great reason to keep in touch with recruiters is to reap the rewards of any good friendship. You never know when a friend or relative will need a job someday, at which point you can then reach out to your former recruiter with that person’s CV and your recommendation.

Even if that recruiter isn’t in charge of referrals, there’s still a good chance you’ll be recommended to someone who is. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for both you and the recruiter. Just make sure you take the time to build a solid relationship and trust. The last thing you want is to make recruiters feel you’re just using them. Our current incentive is, you are eligible for our referral program and can earn $5 per hour (up to $5,000 maximum) for every new client or consultant referred and placed for the length of their first assignment.

4) Recruiters Often Have the Inside Scoop

 If you already have a job but want to move up the corporate ladder in your company, a recruiter can give you the inside scoop on what jobs are going to become available before they’re announced, who might be in charge of hiring, or how to make yourself more marketable for a promotion. By simply staying in touch with recruiters, you can position yourself to be the most visible and worthy candidate for the role.

5) Recruiters Know Your Real Value

With their insights and experience, recruiters can be the best people to tell you what kind of salary figure you deserve, whether or not your skills are aligned with what your industry is looking for, and how your CV stacks up with the competition. These things can be hard to figure out on your own; a recruiter gives you an objective overview of your current career trajectory, which can make all the difference in a completive industry.

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