4 Job Search Tips to Help Reduce Your Stress

The task of looking for a job, especially in a competitive industry like tech and IT, is not what anyone would call easy. Not only must you compete against hundreds of people who are just as, if not more, talented than you are, you also need to deal with the anxiety of the unknown.

Will you land an interview? Is your resume worth reading? Will you ever get a job before your savings run out? These questions can be enough to send anyone into an anxiety attack.

What you need is to find ways to deal with stress, which is exactly what this post is about.

1. Create an Action Plan

A plan is something you can turn to on those days when you feel particularly hopeless and frustrated. It gives you a sense of control and order, eliminating the anxiety-causing uncertainty that comes with a job search.

Some ideas for planning your job search, include:

  • Creating a job search schedule. You can, for example, set aside one hour each day to scour for job postings and update your resume.
  • Set a goal for the number of interviews, phone calls and networking contacts you need to make each day before taking a break.

2. Organize Your Job Search Efforts

Organization creates control, which in turn, reduces anxiety and stress.

When you have your emails organized, your resumes printed and categorized by company and job search contacts separated from your personal contacts, you’re less likely to panic and become overwhelmed by the chaos of finding a job.

3. Embrace Breaks

While cramming a dozen interviews in one week may seem efficient on paper, the reality is going through the stress of a job interview in such close intervals will eventually take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being.

Don’t be embarrassed to take a break from interviews and job-search activities. Not only will this be good for you, it might just even be a source of inspiration, giving you the “A-ha!” moment you couldn’t find because of how stressed out you are.

4. Seek Help Wherever Available

When it comes to looking for a job, you need all the help you can get. If you keep all your stress and frustrations bottled up, you’ll never get anything done. Don’t be embarrassed to turn to your friends and family during these times. They’ll help you stay grounded and know that no matter what happens, you have somewhere to go and people who love you.

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