How to Land Your First Gig in Salesforce

So, you’re looking to get into the Salesforce industry, perhaps as a developer or administrator. With the right moves, you could be just a few steps away from getting your start in a highly lucrative field. But as with any major career move, getting started is often the hardest step of building your Salesforce resume.

For example, how do you even get your first job when you have no experience? How about if you’re a fresh grad? Is it possible to move from another industry into Salesforce? What skills do I need?

In this guide, we answer these questions while walking you through the basic steps of entering the Salesforce industry.

  1. Volunteer as a Salesforce Specialist at a Nonprofit

Volunteering is perhaps the fastest way to add Salesforce experience to your resume. In fact, a significant portion of Salesforce pros out there got their start by volunteering. The good news is it’s relatively easy to find nonprofit organizations needing Salesforce help. In fact, Salesforce encourages volunteers to join its pro bono program, which matches Salesforce professionals with nonprofits and higher education institutions using Salesforce.

Volunteering offers the following benefits.

  • It lets you acquire precious on-the-job experience at an organization using Salesforce, which carries more weight than just taking a Salesforce course
  • You can add real experience to your resume
  • You can network with other Salesforce pros
  • Volunteering is actually good for society and shows you care about the greater good
  1. Obtain Your Salesforce Certification

It’s one thing to know how to use Salesforce, but it’s another thing to be certified. Certification is the only way to prove you know your stuff, and hiring managers and recruiters from employment agencies won’t be keen on talking to someone who just claims to know Salesforce.

Bottom line? Seek certification if you’re serious about a Salesforce career. Although you should be good to go with Administrator and Platform Developer I certifications, it’s a good idea to seek more certificates to stand out from the competition.

  1. Be an Active Member of the Salesforce Community

One of the best things about Salesforce is its large community of professionals, who actively push the industry forward. One way to distinguish your profile from others is to not only join this community, but also contribute to its growth by helping other members or sharing your knowledge. By doing so, you’re showing employers you’re not just another person who does the bare minimum, but someone who actively pursues continued learning to improve your skills and knowledge.

Follow these steps and you should be able to set yourself up for success. For more tips on building your Salesforce career, be sure to follow this blog. If you’re looking for Salesforce opportunities, or simply want to expand your network, call the staffing services specialists at The Crevalle Group to learn more about our career solutions for Salesforce pros.


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