Switching Careers? Be Sure to Ask These 3 Questions First

  • It’s common to feel dissatisfaction and apathy for your line of work, but do these feelings merit a total change in your career?
  • Before switching careers, it’s important to ask yourself some questions that will help you understand if it’s necessary.
  • These questions cover everything from your happiness, your growth, and deeply held beliefs about your career.

The idea of switching careers because of how miserable you are with your current line of work can be a scary proposition. After all, letting go of all the years and effort you put into developing your existing skill set is never a decision to be taken lightly.

However, it’s also true that when you’re knee-deep in dissatisfaction, so much so that you wake up every morning dreading another day at work, something has to change. And if you’ve already hopped from one job to the next, you’re probably weighing the heavy decision of changing careers altogether.

But before you do that, ask yourself these 3 important questions first.

Am I Still Happy?

Be honest with yourself here. If you think you’re unhappy, ask yourself if it’s because of your work or other things like family, your personal life, or your relationships with people at work.

It might be that something else in your life is affecting your career outlook. In this case, it would be better to resolve these other issues first before doing something so drastic with your career.

Why Did I Choose this Career?

Let’s face it, things like convenience, money, prestige, and even our parents’ decisions all affect our career choices, causing out to regret things later on when we find ourselves completely dissatisfied and demotivated.

But before you decide to leave your career behind, ask yourself what made you choose it in the first place. Career regret is pretty common, especially among millennials, who were pressured to make huge decisions concerning their career trajectory in their teenage years.

And so, they go to college and develop their skills, only to realize that the things they’re good at are not exactly interesting to them.

Be honest with yourself here. It might be that you just forgot what made you love your career in the first place.

Have I Hit a Growth Wall?

In other words, have you hit your growth limit? Career apathy doesn’t just happen overnight; often times it happens because of boredom, which in turn is caused by the lack of opportunities to grow both as a professional and person.

Before changing careers, be sure you’ve exhausted all opportunities to grow. If you feel that there are still many ways to push yourself and hone your skills even further, your feelings of dissatisfaction could be remedied by throwing yourself at a real challenge.

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