3 Things You Can Expect from Salesforce’s Einstein Platform Services

  • Salesforce’s Einstein Services is the company’s attempt at integrating artificial intelligence into your organization’s everyday business operations.
  • Einstein only makes many of Salesforce’s CRM apps smarter, it also allows developers to build their own custom AI-powered CRM apps.
  • Salesforce recently expanded their portfolio of Einstein Platform Services, allowing developers to build deep learning models from sales data

More and more organizations and sales professionals are seeking the same intelligence and predictive experience they get from regular apps. Enter Salesforce Einstein, the company’s official crack at harnessing advanced AI capabilities and baking it directly into the Salesforce platform. Einstein not only makes CRM apps more intelligent, it provides developers with all the tools they need to build their own personalized AI-powered apps.

Earlier this year, Salesforce expanded their portfolio of Einstein Platform Services to have new and improved capabilities, including image recognition and the ability to develop deep learning models using text and image data from emails and social media content. Here’s a closer look at what you get from the new Einstein Platform services:

Einstein Sentiment

Einstein Sentiment lets developers classify of text-based information, including emails, customer reviews, message boards, and social media posts by their sentiment or tone­that is, positive, negative, or neutral. This allows companies to gain instant insight into customer attitudes and behaviors, taking the appropriate action when needed. An Internet service provider, for instance, can build a custom app with Einstein Sentiment to quickly analyze customer emails and prioritize messages with negative sentiment for faster resolution.

Einstein Intent

Einstein Intent allows developers to train models to identify and classify the underlying intent of customer inquiries, making it possible to automatically route leads, personalize marketing messages, and escalate service cases to the appropriate channels.

Using this service, retail companies can build a custom app that automatically categorizes customer reviews on websites, spotting customers looking for product recommendations or those having problems with customer service. The app then makes custom recommendations on how to resolve these issues.

Einstein Object Detection

Einstein Object Detection opens the way for apps to be able to recognize different objects in a single image, providing data on their size and quantity. This can be a major boon to companies looking to streamline their inventory management processes; a custom app can quickly analyze photos of shelves to count product and make recommendations on what it sees.

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