4 Areas Where Automation Software Can Jumpstart Your Sales Growth

  • Gone are the days of sales automation being a mysterious investment. Automation software can improve the sales process.
  • Salesforce is leading the automation revolution in sales, providing a full suite of tools for developers and reps to build smart apps with automated features
  • Here’s a quick look at a few areas where automation can yield the most benefits to your sales numbers

For organizations looking into automating their sales processes, the first place they look at is their customer relationship management software. While CRM systems on their own can automate a number of sales tasks, a smart and powerful CRM platform like Salesforce provides developers with a full suite of AI-powered automation tools to build custom apps that boost efficiency and productivity. Listed below are a few areas where automation can yield significant boosts in sales growth and efficiency.


It may be 2017, but reps still spend far too much time sending emails they have no ideal will resonate with their recipients or not. AI-powered sales engagement platforms allow sales professionals to see a report of your most effective emails, including click, view, bounce, and conversion rates. These platforms also provide time-saving templates that can be deployed on a schedule.


Automating your sales reports allows your sales teams to get a daily morning snapshot of all the information they need to work for the day. This included high-level team information, sales rep productivity, and status information on pending and closed deals.

This automatic dissemination of sales information can foster an environment of friendly competition among sales reps, who now have to hold themselves and each other accountable to the organization’s goals. These daily dashboards also save precious time, eliminating the need to manually pull data, screenshot graphs, and attach this information to emails.

Phone Calls

If you thought sales calls were a thing of the past, think again. Today’s sales reps still have to deal with an absurd number of phone calls in their pipelines, and they’re lucky if they can get through half of those calls in the day. And given how cold calls tend to be the most inefficient way to reach live prospects, there’s a lot of room for efficiency.

This is where sales automation can come in, speeding up the process by auto-logging calls and generating local numbers that help make your prospects less reluctant to picking up the phone when they see an unknown number on their caller IDs.

Appointment Setting

Small tasks like sending appointment confirmations and thank-you notes are a great way to improve the customer experience. But they’re not exactly what you would call tasks that should demand your time and attention. Instead of getting bogged down sending emails back and forth, an automation solution with a scheduling feature allows you to send emails and SMS reminders automatically, and even create customized thank-you message with a personal touch.

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