The Conference Survival Guide: Dreamforce 2018

  • Dreamforce 2018 is almost here. Salesforce MVP Amy Oplinger says there is plenty to see and do but be ready for jam-packed days and nights. 
  • Arrive early to take advantage of certification specials.
  • Use Trail Maps to navigate the conference, and leave time in your schedule to take in some sites in San Fran.

Are you ready to blaze your trail to inspiration at the most innovative software conference in the world? Dreamforce 18’ is just around the corner – and it’s bringing together an entire community of Salesforce professionals for a fun reunion to San Francisco from September 25 to September 28, 2018! Before attending, it’s essential to begin prepping before you arrive, and take time to figure out what you’d like to learn as you stroll through each day. Amy Oplinger, 5x Certified Salesforce MVP and Consultant, is an avid attendee of Dreamforce. In this guide, she shares her top tips for getting the most out of your conference experience.

Getting to Know San Francisco

San Francisco is a large, beautiful, and historic city that has so much to offer! Try to arrive a day or two before the conference, or leave a day or two after it ends. This will allow you to soak up the scenic views a tad bit longer rather than being stuck indoors the whole time.

“Take a break at a local coffee shop, or take a classic photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Find another #SalesforceOhana member to tour the city with before the conference is in full swing,” recommends Oplinger

Jumping on the #SalesforceOhana Bandwagon

“Attending the conference is a deep-seated support system we call #SalesforceOhana. Be sure to make a list of #SalesforceOhana, or Salesforce family, that you want to meet prior to the big event,” says Oplinger.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them on LinkedIn or Twitter, prior to the conference, to let them know you’d like to meet. Be sure to check out the #DF18 hashtag to see what other Salesforce professionals are up to during Dreamforce.

Getting Around with Trail Maps

The Dreamforce team has put together a very useful guide divided into different career sectors. For example, if you’re looking for speakers or summits focusing on sales only, you can use the drop down menu found here to map out the time and location of each event.

This makes it easier to fill your calendar with four days of inspiration, learning, giving back, and having the time of your life, without wondering what’s happening next. Here’s a sneak peak at a recently leaked campus map:

Pack Your Days With Lessons, But Leave Time to Wander

It’s exciting to plan an agenda for any large event, but it’s also important to get the most out of every conference. Only attend events and sessions that offer something you want to learn, and that will strengthen your overall career insight and goals. Take a break from the pressure to absorb loads of information at once.

“Leaving time to wander throughout the event will give you time to reflect, make connections, meet new people, and discover a whole new realm of career possibilities,” says Oplinger.

Become Salesforce Certified at the Lowest Price of the Year

You can become Salesforce certified at Dreamforce at 50% off the normal price. Enhance your conference experience by attending this three-day course that will give you in-depth knowledge of what’s possible with Salesforce. This course, offered by Trailhead Bootcamp, will be held 9/22-9/24 – just before the conference. According to Dreamforce, the Salesforce ecosystem is set to create 3.3 million jobs by the year 2022.  View the full list of certifications offered during the conference here.

Will I Need an Extra Bag?

Oplinger’s final piece of advice: “Many people will tell you to take an extra suitcase. This may have been relevant in the past, but the swag at recent Dreamforce conferences has been low, meaning you most likely will not need an extra bag, and an extra unnecessary cost.”

So take an extra bag at your own risk! And to find out more information about what to bring, dress codes, getting around, help with hotels, or any other inquiries, please visit the conference FAQ page.

Keep calm, and dream on!


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