How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Job Search

Whether you’re in the midst of interviewing for a new role or just starting the process, marketing yourself as a prime candidate is crucial to landing a new job—especially in the Salesforce world. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to  showcase your abilities and experience in order to set yourself apart from the competition.

The reason why LinkedIn is such a valuable tool — you can tell a lot more about someone via their LinkedIn profile than by a quick glance over their resume. Your profile provides a full picture of who you are and your strengths  details such as, skill sets, volunteer work, endorsements, and past experience. It also represents, who you are as a person and as a professional.

In order to grab your interviewer’s attention, you must strategically brand yourself as the strongest candidate. Follow these steps for optimizing your LinkedIn profile for your job search:

Choose The Right Photo and Headline

The very first thing a prospective employer sees when glancing over your LinkedIn profile is your photo and your headline. 

First impressions matter and these two features serve as just that. Be sure to choose a headshot that features business casual dress, a warm smile, and a professional setting. Appearance and professionalism go a long way in a job search, and a pixelated photo of you at your birthday barbeque from 2009 isn’t going to cut it. 

Highlight your title and headline, and be specific when doing so. If you’re a Senior Salesforce Architect, then that’s important to highlight in your headline to give hiring managers a quick understanding of your core skill(s). 

Update Certifications

Every profile offers the option to add a section called Licenses and Certifications. If you are Salesforce-certified, this is the section to note all of your current credentials. You can even link individual certifications to the issuing organization, allowing the employer to verify your credential.

Add Projects, Volunteer Experience, and Languages

What makes us unique as human beings as well as professionals are  our passions, unique skills, and how we choose to spend our time. Show an interviewer your interests by adding details about volunteer work, community events, compelling projects you’ve taken part in, and other languages you have under your belt. 

You never know how these experiences and unique skills will connect with an interviewer, and having a common interest or skill with will help distinguish you from the rest of the interview pool. Volunteering or participating in Salesforce events, in particular, will resonate in your Salesforce job search. 

Utilize Video To Introduce Yourself

Video content is proving to perform extremely well in recent years for people who are hoping to connect with others, especially on LinkedIn. By including a professional introduction video on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be sure to appeal to more visitors and stand out against the competition. Wordstream recently reported that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text about the same topic. 

Create a short yet compelling video that gives companies a better idea of your communication style, overall appearance, and a better understanding of your skillset and industry experience. 

Great Endorsements = Great References

The skills and endorsements section of your LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource when it comes to giving your interviewers confidence in choosing you. On a resume, it’s easy to jot down your skills and experience, but LinkedIn takes it one step higher by allowing other qualified peers to recommend and endorse those skills. 

The endorsement section saves companies the hassle of making extensive reference calls. Although they still will make these calls, they can easily view what your industry peers and higher-ups think of your abilities right from your profile.

In order to allow others to endorse your skills, you first must list them. 

To do this, go to your profile view, and scroll to the Skills and Endorsements section. Click “Add a new skill”, and type one into the text box. Click ‘add’ to finish. To re-order your skills by importance, simply drag and drop them into succession. 

To request recommendations from others, simply send them a request by clicking the “Ask for recommendation” button in the top right corner of the Recommendations section. Quality recommendations boost your prospect’s confidence and trust in you, so give this section some extra attention.



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