5 Self-Care Packing Tips for Dreamforce

By Amy Oplinger, Sr. Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce MVP

We are about 2 weeks away from one of the biggest tech conferences of the year, Dreamforce

This year will be my 4th time attending, but that doesn’t mean I am the best at preparing and packing for it. I have learned a tip or two along the way and wanted to pass on a few tips that deal with how you can pack for the conference with self-care in mind. 

Amy’s Dreamforce Self-Care Packing List: 

  1. Heavy Duty Bandages/Moleskin Padding: Without fail, I suffer HORRIBLE blisters at Dreamforce. You are just WALKING AND WALKING and my heals are sensitive little snowflakes apparently. During my second Dreamforce, Cincinnati WIT leader Christina Moore told me about Moleskin padding, and I have not looked back.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: Sure, you may be dying to break out those Salesforce blue heels, and you can for the evening parties. For walking, pack those comfy walking shoes! I attempted to wear flats last year, and even those weren’t comfy enough for all the walking. This year, you will see me in my new fav super comfy shoes that feel like I’m walking on a cloud! (See what I did there?!)
  3. Vitamin Tablets/Electrolyte Packs: Long days, parties, rich food, lots of walking and minimal sleep can leave you feeling less than optimum. I used to fight this with coffee, but found it just didn’t help at Dreamforce. During my second Dreamforce, my pal Tom Blamire brought me the gift of Berocca from the UK. I added the table to my water daily, and felt AMAZING! The Berocca is apparently famous in UK for curing hangovers, and has more recently made its way to the US, but I’m sure any vitamin tab will help! My perpetual conference roomie, Melinda Smith, always brings electrolyte packs for us to add to our morning water bottle!
  4. Snacks: There will be lots of food available, especially now that conference goers can show their badges at Metreon restaurants (Check the helpful Events App) and get a free lunch, but it’s great to have some power bars/nuts/fruit/jerky to throw in your backpack daily!  Consider bringing snacks unique to your corner of the world and share! (Thank you for the Swiss chocolates, Cyril Louis!)
  5. Epsom Salt Packs: Saved the best tip for last! These are HEAVEN at the end of a long day of being on your feet! Whether for a bath or just foot soak, you will be thankful you packed these!

Dreamforce is a wonderful and sometimes overwhelming experience, and there are many indulgent opportunities. I made this list with the hope that you can have an enjoyable time and feel great while doing so!

I hope you find this list helpful, and would love to hear what you are packing! Please tweet me at @salesforceamy



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