How To Stand Out At A Salesforce Career Fair

If you’re on the job hunt for a new Salesforce opportunity, one of the most effective ways to set yourself apart from the competition is to attend a Salesforce career fair

By putting a face to your name and connecting with recruiters in person, you’re more likely to not only land an interview, but land a job. First impressions are crucial and can be the differentiator you need in this competitive hiring market when you have the opportunity to meet your future manager in real life.   Learn how to stand out at a Salesforce career fair and make your interaction with recruiters a memorable one with our tips below.

Research Ahead Of Time

No matter how well dressed, polite, and experienced you are, if you don’t research ahead of time about the companies and positions you’re interested in, another applicant will jump right in front of you to strike up a conversation.

Many career fairs provide a list of attending companies, so be sure to set yourself up for success and come prepared with a list of companies that sound like a good fit. Take it one step further, and research their specific open positions, along with the qualifications and details.

Arrive to their booth with a list of questions pertaining to key details about the role you’d like to potentially apply for. This will not only show recruiters that you’ve done research ahead of time, but will start a knowledge sharing conversation — something that rarely happens prior to an interview when applying online.

Pro-tip: Update your LinkedIn prior to the event and include your URL in your resume to enable recruiters to perform further research.

Have Your Updated Resume Handy

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is delaying or forgetting to give their resume until the end of the conversation. Career fairs are packed with people and it’s possible the recruiter may be interrupted and become involved in another conversation. Instead, as you introduce yourself, hand your resume to the recruiter and point out the details as they come up in conversation. 

This will draw their attention to your resume, give them the opportunity to ask related questions, and make you stand out from the other faces in the busy room.

Dress For Success

Although it’s a given, dressing the part is important when introducing yourself to recruiters as a potential candidate at a career fair. Think of the conversations you’ll be having as mini-interviews, so dress similarly as you would for an actual, in-person interview. 

When in doubt, lean towards over dressing rather than under dressing, but make sure to choose comfortable shoes as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking while you’re at the career fair.

Highlight Niche Skill Sets

You’ve worked hard in your Salesforce career so showcase your experience by highlighting current certifications and niche skill sets in your resume and in conversation.

Salesforce recruiters will be looking for candidates with refined strengths in areas such as Einstein Analytics, Field Service Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and CPQ. Come prepared with talking points about recent projects you’ve taken part in that showcase your abilities in these specific areas of the platform.

Follow Up & Apply

The actions you take following the career fair are just as important as the ones you taking during it. Now that you’ve made some connections and have a healthy stack of business cards, reach out within a day or two to thank each recruiter for their time. Touch upon some talking points that you connected on in your conversation and remind them of the reasons why you’d be the right candidate for the job. 

Finally, it’s time to apply for the role! With the steps you’ve taken to stand out from the competition, you’ll be well positioned going into the interview. 

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