The Soft Skills You Need As a Technical Salesforce Consultant

Beyond technical skills, Salesforce consultants need to show strong ‘soft skills’ to impress hiring managers. Soft skills can be practiced, and The Crevalle Group offers coaching to assist consultants with interview prep Key skills to learn and improve include verbal communication, non-verbal communication, functional business understanding and presentation skills It’s important to have and show… Read more »

Run Consultants Merges With The Crevalle Group, Expanding Salesforce Staffing Services to Clients Across the U.S.

Run Consultants and The Crevalle Group today announced an agreement to merge their respective Salesforce staffing offerings, enhancing their staffing capabilities for clients seeking Salesforce-skilled professionals. Under the agreement, Run Consultants Managing Principal Bob Bailey will join The Crevalle Group Board of Directors as an investor and work closely with founders Will and Jen Drescher.… Read more »

4 Areas Where Automation Software Can Jumpstart Your Sales Growth

Gone are the days of sales automation being a mysterious investment. Automation software can improve the sales process. Salesforce is leading the automation revolution in sales, providing a full suite of tools for developers and reps to build smart apps with automated features Here’s a quick look at a few areas where automation can yield… Read more »

3 Things You Can Expect from Salesforce’s Einstein Platform Services

Salesforce’s Einstein Services is the company’s attempt at integrating artificial intelligence into your organization’s everyday business operations. Einstein only makes many of Salesforce’s CRM apps smarter, it also allows developers to build their own custom AI-powered CRM apps. Salesforce recently expanded their portfolio of Einstein Platform Services, allowing developers to build deep learning models from… Read more »

3 Steps to Move Up the Salesforce Ladder

Now that you’re finally Salesforce certified, what’s the next step? With the Salesforce platform expected to generate as many as 1.9 million jobs 2020, Salesforce professionals have millions of opportunities to find work and advance their careers. In this guide, we look at a few practical options to take your Salesforce to the next level… Read more »

How to Coach Your Salesforce Team: 3 Practices Used by the Best Sales Crews

Great Salesforce teams embrace a culture of coaching and mentorship led by their managers Although many sales managers know how to coach people, not all them actually know when and where to do it What sales managers need to do is create an environment of coaching, letting team members know that their managers aren’t just… Read more »

The Lowdown on Salesforce’s New Cloud Product for Retail Bankers

Although the Salesforce product line is non-industry specific, the company has made efforts to enter the verticals market with new products for the financial services industry Most recently, the company announced Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking, a product designed to help banks improve their customer service Here is a quick rundown of what it… Read more »

What Features Are the Most Requested in Salesforce?

One of the best things about Salesforce is its active community of users, who constantly strive to make the platform better for everyone By sharing suggestions and feedback, these users play a vital role in adding new features to Salesforce Here is a quick look at some of the most popular crowdsourced ideas currently under… Read more »

AI Is Here – What Does It Mean for Sales?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence is all but guaranteed to change the way companies do sales. Salesforce is leading the charge of this AI revolution, with its AI tool, Einstein, designed to optimize sales processes using customer data. The rise of AI also means sales teams can expect a number of changes and benefits, such… Read more »

Get Your Team to Jump on the Salesforce Bandwagon

One of the biggest challenges of introducing Salesforce to organizations involves getting people to sign up and embrace the change. Like any potentially disruptive technology, Salesforce has a learning curve, and getting people to accept it is something many Salesforce admins struggle with. Here are a few strategies to make your End Users see the… Read more »