On-Demand Salesforce Support

After implementation, your Salesforce system should evolve and grow, just like your business.
Chances are, you require ongoing or on-demand assistance for:

  • Administration (including CPQ)
  • Development/Integration
  • Release Management
  • App Exchange
  • Support
  • Analytics

These needs require expert resources, but not necessarily full-time or onsite resources.

Flexible and Predictable

Salesforce Managed Services from The Crevalle Group offers you committed resources for all your Salesforce needs on a task-based or annual pricing model. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings over traditional consulting or full-time hiring
  • Access to a wider breadth of Salesforce skill sets
  • A predictable cost model with the ability to add or subtract resources as needed
  • Ongoing system enhancement through experts dedicated to the health and maintenance of your Salesforce instance

Your Managed Services team from The Crevalle Group is just that—it’s your team. You task them to meet your objectives. You may need additional development support to complete a major project. Or you may prefer to offload Salesforce admin tasks or support requests. You decide.

Customized for You

Through a discovery process, we learn more about your needs and then customize your Managed Services team and pricing.

Your U.S.-based resources work remote, but you’ll always know when they are available and what they’re working on through defined reporting, collaboration tools and regular communication with your team lead.

Flexible, customized and affordable support. If this sounds like it meets your needs, let’s talk. We’ll model out the ROI and let you meet members of your Managed Services team
to assess fit.